Project Management
for Professionals Programme

At Novo Habitus Consulting Limited (NHC Ltd), we believe that execution is what drives business. Productivity cannot be increased in organisations where the people do not know how to execute. This is why we have developed a Project Management for Professionals Programme that is designed to equip you with the skills of executing and managing a project and become the certified professional that you have always wanted to be.


At NHC Ltd, we distinguish ourselves by providing you with world class premier training that will easily get you the international recognition that you should have. The Project Management for Professionals training is designed based on the Project Management Institutes curriculum which is based on the "Project Management Book of Knowledge"(PMBOK), produced by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The Project Management for Professionals Programme covers all the areas of project management that certification institutes look for in an exam. This therefore ensures that you learn the skills of Project Management and get the certification that will distinguish you from the rest and enable you to feel accomplished with the new skills for greater execution and productivity. In addition, certification will get you internationally recognized as a Project Management Professional thereby opening opportunities for your career!


  • Introduction to Project Management: What is a Project; What is Project Management; Relationships among portfolios, programmes and projects; their management and operations; the role of the Project Manager.

  • Organisational Influences and Project Life Cycle: Organisational cultures and styles; communications, structure; process assets and environmental factors; stakeholders and governance; Project Team Composition
  • Project Management Processes: Common project Management interactions; Project Management Process Groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing); Project Information.
  • Project Integration Management:Developing the Project Charter; Developing the Project Management Plan; Directing and Managing Project Work; Monitoring and Controlling Project Work, Performing Integrated Change Control, Closing Phases or projects.
  • Project Scope Management:Planning and defining project scope, Creating the Work Breakdown Structure, Validating Scope, Controlling Scope.
  • Project Time Management:Plan Schedule Management; Defining activities; sequencing activities; Estimating activity resources and duration; developing and controlling schedule.
  • Project Cost Management:Planning cost management; Estimating costs; Determining the Budget; Controlling costs.
  • Project Quality Management:Planning quality management; Performing quality assurance; Controlling quality
  • Project Human Resources Management:Planning human resource management; Acquiring, Developing and Managing/leading the project team.
  • Project Communications Management: Planning communications management; Managing and Controlling Project Communications
  • Project Risk Management: Planning risk management; Identifying risks; Performing qualitative and quantitative risk analysis; Planning risk responses; Controlling risks.
  • Project Procurement Management: Planning procurement management; conducting procurements; Controlling procurement; Closing procurements
  • Project Stakeholder Management: Identifying stakeholders; Planning Stakeholder Management; Managing Stakeholder Engagement; Controlling Stakeholder Engagement.

About The Facilitator

Peter Mwanza ‐ PRINCE2 Certified Trainer

Peter Mwanza is a management capacity development expert and trainer with over 10 years' experience in management training and capacity development. He worked for the Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) as a Senior Management Development Consultant for over 10 years. Peter is a certified PRINCE2 trainer and practitioner since 2011 (Royal Institute of Public Administration - RIPA in London). He has expertise in designing and delivering a lot of short term training interventions for diverse target groups in the following:

  • Project and programme management (project planning and appraisal, project implementation management and project monitoring and evaluation),
  • Results Based Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • General Management

He has also delivered programmes on collaborative arrangements with UK Universities (Bolton, Leeds Metropolitan) in Project Management. In addition, Peter coordinated and trained on the Professional Diploma in Project Management Course offered through a franchise with Cambridge University.

He holds a Master of Arts in Development Economics obtained from University of New England in Australia and a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management obtained in 2010 from University of Bolton, UK.

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