Negotiation Skills


Conflict is a natural phenomenon wherever there is social interaction and social interaction is the very thread on which life is weaved. Whether it be at the office (workplace) with colleagues, in the field when implementing projects, or in your social life – conflict is bound to erupt anytime and anywhere. However, this needs not to bring your business and life to a halt, conflict is not inherently negative: conflict is associated with creativity and where there is no conflict, there is no major personal change or social progress.

Through understanding the concerns that bring about conflict and discerning the opportunities and costs of conflict, individuals and organisations can harness conflicts and mitigate against their escalation which results in high costs.

Realising the need for skills to handle conflict before it escalates, Novo Habitus Consulting Ltd offers a course that will equip you and your team, not only with the knowledge, but also the skills to effectively use in negotiation.

What are the benefits of attending the course?

This training equips you and your team with the knowledge and skills to negotiate effectively in such a manner that all parties to the conflict come out of the negotiation fulfilled and with their relationships intact. The training takes you through understanding the three different types of negotiation which are: Positional, Interest –Based and Constructive Negotiation. The course is highly practical, with case studies and role plays to equip you with the tools and skill sets for conducting each of these negotiations.

The course is targeted at everyone in an organisation as it relates to social interaction which takes place in all spheres of life.

Outline of the Course

  • Introduction To Negotiations: Negotiations defined, Rationale, Types of Negotiations, Phases in Negotiations
  • Preparations for Negotiations: What do you need to know prior to negotiation and how do you go about knowing, Why you are going into negotiation, Funding streams for the negotiation, Identifying the Negotiation Team, Team skills and dynamics, Approach to negotiation
  • Conducting the Negotiation: Phases of negotiation processes, Negotiation strategies: Positional, Interest-based, Constructive, Negotiation processes, Mediated negotiation
  • Skills in Negotiation: Communication, Active listening, Reframing, Analysing, Risk assessment
  • Techniques in Negotiation: Empathy, Rapport and Relationship building, Influencing with integrity, Option generation, Reality testing, Making concessions, Closing the deal, Following up, Maintaining relationships
  • Interventions in Negotiations: Applying Influence and power, Holding internal consultations, Changes to team formation and strategy, Managing emotions, Clarifying perceptions and misunderstandings, Move from positions to interests and needs
  • Post-Negotiation (project implementation and contract management): Compliance/ enforcement, Policy, regulatory and legal frameworks, Monitoring and evaluation, Revenue management, Relationship management of each and every stakeholder, Environmental, health, safety, social and risk management, Security and human rights, Dispute and conflict management, Communication management

Target Audience

Managers and supervisors at all levels of the organisation

Course Duration

5 days

How to Register

To register for this course, contact us on the following:


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