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Conflict is a natural phenomenon wherever there is social interaction and social interaction is the very thread on which life is weaved. Whether it be at the office (workplace) with colleagues, in the field when implementing projects, or in your social life – conflict is bound to erupt anytime and anywhere. However, this needs not to bring your business and life to a halt, conflict is not inherently negative: conflict is associated with creativity and where there is no conflict, there is no major personal change or social progress.

Through understanding the concerns that bring about conflict and discerning the opportunities and costs of conflict, individuals and organisations can harness conflicts and mitigate against their escalation which results in high costs.

Realising the need for skills to handle conflict before it escalates, Novo Habitus Consulting Ltd offers a course that will equip you and your team, not only with the knowledge, but also the skills to effectively use in negotiation and mediation.

What are the benefits of attending?

This training is aimed at equipping you and your team with the knowledge and skills for effectively and efficiently mediating in a conflict situation. Mediation is assisted negotiation hence one has to have the skill sets to objectively mediate and lead the parties towards a common understanding and amicable solution. Through case studies and role plays, the course provides the tools and skill sets that will ensure you and your supervisory teams can mediate in situations of conflict and reduce costs associated with conflict situations through asking the right questions that get to the bottom of the parties’ interests rather than having them negotiate from the parties’ positions.

Outline of the Course

The course covers the following outline:

  • Topic 1: Contextualising Mediation: Assisted Negotiation: Positional negotiation, Interest based Negotiation, Constructive Negotiation.
  • Topic 2: Understanding Alternatives: WATNA, BATNA and MLATNA
  • Topic 3: Understanding Conflict:Core concerns, Opportunities in Conflict, Barriers to Conflict Resolution
  • Topic 4: Introduction to Mediation: Mediation defined, Exploration and option generation, Resolution
  • Topic 5: Exploring Interests: What, How, Listening, Mentalising, Reframing
  • Topic 6: Option Generation: Holding private session: What, How, When, Rationale for option generation
  • Topic 7: Negotiation Agreement and Close: Joint negotiation sessions: How, Framing agreements, Closing and signing off
  • Topic 8: Managing Mediation Dynamics: Power and Power Imbalances
  • Topic 9: Issues in Mediation: Different approaches, Cross cultural issues, Confidentiality and Ethics

Target Audience

Managers and supervisors at all levels of the organisation


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